Cable Festoon Systems for Power and Control
Typical C-Track Festoon Systems For Overhead Crane Installation
  • Scope of application: Cranes, electroplating machinery and equipment, outdoor mobile power supply, mobile power supply in special environments.

C30 series C-type rail and related accessories

part No. type weight(kg)
H-C01-3 3m 3.6
H-C01-4 4m 4.8
※ H-C01-6 6m 7.2
H-CS01-3 (Stainless steel) 3m 3.6
※ H-C01-6 Bulk order products
Track Support Bracket
part No. weight(kg)
H-C02 0.23
H-CS02 (Stainless steel) 0.23
End Cable Clip
part No. weight(kg)
H-C03 0.31
H-CS03 (Stainless steel) 0.31
Track Coupler
part No. weight(kg)
H-C04 0.32
H-CS04 (Stainless steel) 0.32

Cable Trolley
part No. weight(kg)
H-C05S 0.33
H-C05P 0.28
H-CS05S (Stainless steel) 0.33
Towing Trolley
part No. weight(kg)
H-C06 0.78
H-CS06 (Stainless steel) 0.78
End Cap
part No. weight(kg)
H-C07 0.02
H-CS07 0.02
Track Clip
part No. weight(kg)
H-C08 0.17
H-CS08 (Stainless steel) 0.17

Pendant Trolley
part No. rating weight(kg)
H-C09 16P 1.8
H-CS09 16P 1.8
※ H-SC09 Equipped with stainless steel pulley only
Wire Clip
part No. weight(kg)
H-C10 0.01
H-CS10 0.01

C40 series C-type track and related accessories

C track