Hardwork Ltd.
The company was founded in 1980. It has professional electric crane power distribution systems, combined protective cable chains, and excellent manufacturing experience. It has deeply cultivated the trust of the industry in Taiwan. The company adheres to the "Pursuit of Excellence" and "Quality First" and will Consistent high quality, high efficiency, and service-first philosophy ensure sustainable operation.
Product Category
Cable Festoon Systems for Power and Control
Suitable for cranes, electroplating machinery and equipment, outdoor mobile power supply, special environment mobile power supply, etc..., galvanized steel and stainless steel materials are also available.
Dynamic Cable Protection
[Special reinforced engineering plastic manufacturing] Suitable for automated machinery and equipment/work machines/robot arms, etc., and protective chains for wires and pipes in motion
Automatic take-up device
It is suitable for mechanical processing plants and various electrical equipment use places. It requires no maintenance, can automatically take up the wire, is convenient for storage, and is easy to operate, increasing work efficiency.
Pendant Push Button Controls
Shock and vibration resistant, solid ABS material, 2~12 button single speed and double speed multiple combinations, simple appearance design to facilitate on-site wiring construction

Safe and reliable mobile security equipment
Power and data transmission system expert