Pendant Push Button Controls

HOB series – Direct Controls

Designed for direct control of single phase electric motors. Since motor current is controlled directly by the pendant switch, extra reversing contactors or costly controls are not required.
  • Durable high quality ABS pendant switch housing.
  • Highly visible safety orange color.
  • NEMA 4/12 water-proof enciosure.
  • Split case design for easy installation and wiring.
  • Flenible cable boot selection to match size of cable prevents entry of debris.
  • Slim compact size suited for one hand operation, insulated for operator safety.
  • Direct control ratings for 1HP max. @120VAC.
  • Two button switch with a wide range of legend markings.
  • Silicone rubber booted buttons seals out dirt and moisture.
Power Source1Ø100/110V / 1Ø200/220V
Voltage RatingAC 250V
Current Rating15A
Insulation ResistanceAbove 100MΩ (DC500)
Voltage EnduranceAC 2500V, 1mintue
HOB series Direct Controls – single phase

HOB series Direct Controls – three-phase